We aspire to be a world class and excellently managed holding company, principled on the foundations of Integrity, Excellence and Social & Moral Uprightness to bring a positive influence to the world, one step at a time.

Brand Promise


We try to innovate and propose new ideas, staying ahead of the game, and we think not just outside the box but over, under, and inside thebox.


Just like your trusted mobile gadget, we’re always here to do the job and always ready to answer our client needs.


Focusing on getting the little details right, we make sure everything surpasses our clients expectations.

Cultivate a Life Purpose

This is an ongoing process for each of us to cultivate and develop our own very clear mission and purpose in life. When that personal mission is aligned with Titan’s own company mission, it will be truly a fulfilling and rewarding way to make the world a better place through what we do.

Become an Ideal Team Player

To become the ideal team player, there are three virtues we uphold and embrace : Being People Smart, Hungry and Humble


Be Responsible

Responsibility is being commited to what is required and carrying out our tasks to do the best of our abilities 

Exercise Innovation

We want to constantly challenge norms. We want to continually find better ways to do things. 

Live Honestly

Honesty is not just about telling the truth, it’s also about being real and transparent with others and even to  ourselves about who we are, what we want, and how we need to live to be the most authentic version of ourselves


Business Units

Passion for Surface Solutions

PT. Oerlikon Balzers  Artoda Indonesia was  established as a Joint Venture with Oerlikon (Switzerland) to provide PVD coating and surface solutions for industries.


Finding You The Right Tools
for The Right Application

PT. Titan Teknikatama is involved  in the manufacturing  and distribution of  special and customized  cutting tools. We are  also the proud partners  for third party cutting  tools and accessories for  the metal working  process.


Providing Valuable Equipment


PT. Titan Adhya Jaya Indoraya was established as a  proactive solution  provider for the supply  and rental of material  handling equipment,  parts, and maintenance  services.

Your Calibration Needs In The Right Hands

Aequus Solutions was  established in 2002 to  provide Calibration, Testing, Service and Repair of measuring tools.

Aequus has established  itself as the leading  privately-owned  calibration laboratory with  the largest calibration  scope. It operates in both  Jakarta and Surabaya with full accreditation by Indonesia’s governing body KAN.


Football Club

TAFC is a football club that participates in the PSSI’s league tournament. Our philosophy is rooted in the ancient Indonesian principle of ‘gotong royong’, which emphasizes the spirit of cooperation and mutual support among community members. We believe in fostering a sense of unity and shared purpose among our players, coaches, and staff, and working together to achieve our goals as a team.


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